Who are you? What is this? Why should I care? All generally considered valid questions in life, and few have answers. But I do. Have the answers. Well, some. Maybe.

Who are you?
I, my friend, am “the Millionth One”. If your name doesn’t have an article in it, you are doing something horrible in life, such as perhaps calling yourself something without an article.

Sadly, I am not big on these personal details like others. So just assume I am some sort of man — or woman(?!) — of mystery, an enigma, beyond your mortal understanding. Obvious conclusion, right?

But to get, perhaps, to the root of it: I am a being of culture, well-read, a viewer of all the classy films, and a gamer. In my life as a connoisseur of all things I have studied these (occasionally) noble arts. And I like to overthink things.

What is this site? What is its purpose?
I am glad you ask that question, and also glad that I am writing the questions for you.

I’ve seen many people analyse things over the years. But these people all had a core fault, which prevented them from achieving perfection: they weren’t me, and thus my opinions overruled theirs. I sought to fix this, and then I came to a dramatic realization. Some things weren’t being fully analysed at all!

If no one else would do it, and if those who would do it weren’t me then it was clear what I had to do. Stuff, analysis, so on. Got my own things to say.

Why should I care?
I dunno.